Supernaut is a design and animation studio in Sydney, Australia.

We apply our skill as designers and problem solvers to a range of creative projects across various audiences and channels — crafting brands, stories, campaigns, commercials, games and music videos — on screens the size of your hand to the size of your city.

Great design, original ideas and enduring stories.

Capabilities – Animation, VFX, Commercials and Digital Design


Animation, Motion, VFX & Branding

Our team of talented creative directors, designers, animators, and visual effects artists fuse the power of critical thinking with a highly collaborative process. This is reflected in our work, goals and our uniquely creative design culture. We’re passionate in the pursuit of new visual languages, working closely with our clients to produce design and animation projects that are as rewarding to watch as they are to create.

Live Action

Commercials & Branded Content

While our productions are typically led by design and animation projects, we’re not afraid of bringing the same attention to detail to live-action projects. Working with our own directors, or with accomplished external directors, we conceive and create acclaimed commercials and branded content. As always, collaboration plays a central role in each project, bringing design and digital teams together on productions for better results and more powerful narratives.


Interactive, Experiential & Apps

Working with our specialised digital partners to create inspiring physical installations, interactive campaigns, mobile apps, and websites. Working closely with digital partners, we merge digital strategy, novel technological solutions, and production to create engaging experiences. We believe the best interactive work comes from balancing design and technology to bring even unfathomable possibilities to life.
Supernaut - Design & Animation Studio

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