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We’re always interested in opportunities to craft, explore, learn new things. We play well with others and like to work that way. If you’d like to begin the adventure on a new project, story or creative partnership … or just want to say hi, please get in touch.

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Booo … no current positions available. Just because there’s no current jobs, doesn’t mean there’s no hope. If you think you’re a cut above … feel free to get in touch (just in case). Hit us up at

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Animation Studio. Design & Animation, Sydney Australia

Design & Animation

Design strategy involves the interplay between design and business strategy. As a discipline,  it helps determine what to make, and do, why to do it, and how to innovate. The approach has proved useful for companies in a variety of strategic scenarios.

Supernaut works with a broad range of clients in the advertising, broadcast, film and entertainment industries.