Big Digital Things (Explainer)

The ABC needed to let internal departments know of the shift toward a new approach in ICT was about to begin. With a huge network of employees and departments, all needing different things, the design and approach needed to cover a lot without overwhelming people with detailed explanation – using a combination of charming design style, typography and character animation the information started coming to life.

Animated Explainer video

. Digital communications, animation, explainer videos and presentations, infographics all combined with great people, a friendly approach, and great ideas. ABC Sydney, Australia. Digital explainer videoMore explainer based work, can be seen at

Trends such as social media, cloud computing, mobility and big data are challenging businesses and demanding more specialist IT skills than ever before. These mega trends aren’t hitting just the IT industry; they’re affecting organisations across Australia’s verticals, lending competitive advantage to those who ride them, while rapidly rendering obsolete those who ignore them. In fact, a survey of business leaders in Australia found that the most innovative and ICT-intensive industries experienced productivity gains of 40 to 45 per cent since 2000, compared to the average for all industry sectors of 13 per cent.


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