Reflected Glory

A Fashion week collaboration with Romance was born, artist Rebecca Baumann, and Versus Media at Carriageworks, Sydney. Reflected Glory can be thought of as a painting with light, where the arrangement of materials and corresponding reflections are used for mark making, creating a dynamic composition of line, form, and colour on the walls and ceiling. Each garment is based on a specific celebration or tradition and hung on mirror ball motors, slowly spinning, refracting and throwing reflections throughout the space – this process allows the objects of become celebrations in themselves.

Since 2005, Romance Was Born have been a creative powerhouse in fashion. Duo Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales have become renowned for their ability to transform anything into a glimmering, chimerical paradise full of wonderment. Coinciding with Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia, Romance Was Born will join forces with Australian artist Rebecca Baumann and Carriageworks to present their first exhibition.

Rebecca Baumann’s practice spans kinetic sculpture, photography, performance, digital animation and installation. Central to her work is an ongoing fascination with the complex workings of human emotion and the pursuit of happiness through celebration and ritual. Collaboration is key to Romance Was Born, Plunkett and Sales seek out artists to work with that take them beyond their creative comfort zones. These collaborative labours produce the basis for their exquisite collections.


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