With Australian and New Zealand servicemen and women at the front of our minds lately, Supernaut had the pleasure of being involved in the design and conceptual development work for ABC Radio’s online documentary Retrospect.

Focusing on the experiences of returned ADF members from the Afghanistan conflict — the longest continuous conflict in Australian military history, Supernaut was engaged to design and oversee video, interactive and interface elements of the project, working closely with data visualisation company Small Multiples.

Concentrating on the bringing a cohesive narrative and experience, the Supernaut team developed story and visual elements to guide the production and treatment.

Paul Ducco, founder and creative director of Supernaut says: “Retrospect is a great example of the real shift we’re seeing toward video and online experiences crossing over, and coming together, with great non-linear results. This is made possible by an amazingly talented and collaborative project team, and the opportunities for future adventures in this space really excite us.”

Retrospect is produced by ABC Radio in collaboration with UNSW and the Australian Council for the Arts, supported through the Australian Research Council’s Linkage Project Scheme. Website design and development by Small Multiples.