Animation Montage

Here are a selection of recent Design & Animation projects. We’re known for thoughtful, visually and creatively strong work. We play well with good people, ideas and businesses, and we like working that way.

From Design, VFX, motion graphics, and live action projects, we aren’t limited for experience and ideas. Up for any creative and visual challenges, we believe in the power of design to tell stories and shape experiences. Get in touch to get an adventure rolling.


Animation, VFX, Promos, Commercials and Digital Design

Our Process

Whether you’re starting a project with a detailed brief, an idea in place, looking to solve a problem, or explore new lands (with no idea where to begin) the way we work — as much as the work we do — is limited only by the imagination of everybody involved.
We love new adventures … and are always up for a challenge.
Our animation and moving image projects are typically broken into three distinct stages — sometimes the stages are adjusted to suit particular projects and challenges. Either way, we don’t progress to one stage until we’ve reached an approval on each previous stage. We find it’s the best way to work, helping to keep projects on time and budget.
Stage 1 — Concept and Creative Exploration
We begin by exploring approaches to lay a conceptual foundation, script and story for the project. Once this starting point is settled upon we can start mapping out the detail, tone and bearing of our adventure. Th en it’s off to discovery.
Stage 2 — Design & Storyboarding
Journeying through visual landscapes, character designs and overall tone we navigate toward the presentation and approval of detailed design- and story-boards. Th is stage and presentation exists so everyone involved in the project knows where we’re headed.
Stage 3 — Direction & Production
Taking the foundations from the previous stage/s, we set about bringing things to life — producing the animation, refining the detail, exploring music and sound design, then completing final animation, rendering and compositing. Once this stage of the journey is complete, we output (as per your specifications), put a flag at the top our latest shared conquest — and admire the view.

Also worth checking out … is our immersive and experiential montage, which can be seen here. Experiential-Montage-Thumb

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